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Terrazzo Repair & Maintenance


terrazzo restoration

When properly repaired and restored, terrazzo is an incredibly resilient type of flooring.

BNA Stone Restoration provides expert terrazzo repair services. For cracks, chips, and even holes, we use tinted filler with or without aggregates (little pieces of marble or other material) that match your terrazzo, and then hone or polish to smooth and blend the filled places with the surrounding area.

We also provide expert terrazzo restoration services. We can hone away the scuffed and scratched surface layer to reveal the brand new surface underneath, and then polish your terrazzo to a beautiful shine, providing the finish of your choice — a velvety smooth satin/matte finish or a glossy, elegant polished finish. We can also apply an impregnating sealer to help inhibit stains.


stone restoration

Day-to-day or janitorial cleaning is important for the care of terrazzo floors, but over time, this can leave the floors with grout lines that just won’t come clean, shiny scratches, and increasingly obvious wear and tear. You become more and more dissatisfied with the appearance of the floors until it’s time for another round of professional restoration. With our regularly scheduled terrazzo maintenance program, your floors can look great all the time, without the need for periodic restoration or troublesome topical coatings.

Before & After Stone Restoration

floor cleaners

BNA Stone uses industry standard equipment and techniques to deliver beautiful results in your Terrazzo, giving it a shiny and attractive appearance.

To learn more about how BNA Stone can help you, Call for a Free Onsite/Online Quote: (714) 622-9947

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