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Concrete Sealing & Maintenance


floor cleaners

While the process of polishing concrete makes the surface denser and more resistant to stains and marks, it is often beneficial to seal it as well to inhibit concrete dusting and to further enhance stain resistance. Or knowledgeable technicians will select the appropriate sealers for the location and circumstances, to help keep your floor looking its best.


floor cleaning

To preserve the look of your decorative concrete for years to come, a periodic professional cleaning and sealing are important. The amount of foot traffic and its exposure to the sun or other elements will determine how often professional services may be required and what products should be used. At Before & After Stone Restoration, our trained technicians are happy to consult with you to formulate a program to keep your decorative concrete surfaces looking like new.

concrete restoration

BNA Stone uses industry standard equipment and techniques to deliver beautiful results in your concrete, giving it a shiny and attractive appearance.

To learn more about how BNA Stone can help you, Call for a Free Onsite/Online Quote: (714) 622-9947

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