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Tile & Grout Cleaning


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Is your tile and grout dirty or cracked? Do you have missing, dark, stained or discolored grout? Your tile and grout floor can look as good as new… for a fraction of the cost of replacement! Before & After Stone Restoration services the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area with professional tile and grout cleaning and restoration services.


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Regular day-to-day or janitorial cleaning simply cannot achieve the same, dramatic results as professional deep cleaning by an experienced tile and grout professional. This is especially true of floors with textured finishes, because the pits and grooves in rough areas have a tendency to trap dirty mop water. Improper cleaning processes and the use of improper cleaners may exacerbate this problem.

Grout is porous, which means it is full of tiny holes where grit, grime, and allergens collect. Even the most aggressive mop or scrub brush cleaning can’t loosen and extract contaminants. To achieve or maintain a brand new appearance, your ceramic tile, porcelain tile, other man-made tile, and especially your grout lines must be professionally cleaned. BNA Stone Restoration provides professional cleaning services for your ceramic and porcelain tile and grout floors, shower walls, and other surfaces, and we carry a full line of cleaners and care products specifically designed to keep your tile and grout clean.

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BNA Stone uses industry standard equipment and techniques to deliver beautiful results in yourTile, giving it a Clean and attractive appearance.

To learn more about how BNA Stone can help you, Call for a  Free Onsite/Online Quote: (714) 622-9947

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