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Stone Sealing Services in Orange County & Los Angeles

Recover your existing floor by using stone sealing, at Before & After Stone restoration we have an experienced staff that will properly handle your floor repair or installation. Our professional specialist will know the type of sealer your floor needs to protect it and make it easier to clean it and polish it.

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Reasons Why You Should Seal Your Stone

  • Any spilled liquid will be absorbed and in some cases a stain will be present

  • Natural stone needs to have adequate protection because of its porous surface.

That’s why you need to always seal your stone after a floor installation or floor restoration. We believe that “All stone surfaces should be sealed in order to protect them and in some cases enhance their natural beauty.”

Keep in mind that your sealer will wear out over time and daily use.Certain cleaning products or the inevitable spill of acidic products such as wine or coffee will strip the sealer. As the sealer is stripped noticeable spottiness and dulling will occur leaving the stone susceptible to staining. We suggest apply sealer at least every year to insure the protection of the stone.

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Types of Sealers.

We have experience in recommending the correct type of sealer required for the stone, based on usage, likely spillage risks, environmental factors, health and safety requirements if in a commercial environment and client budget.

Have an adequate number of coats been applied?

stone repair

Because all natural stones have varying levels of porosity it is extremely important that an adequate number of coats are applied. We carry out tests after every coat to ensure that full protection has been given and the stone’s porosity has been eliminated as much as possible. As professionals we have the experience and confidence to give natural stone the best possible protection based on thorough application of the product. One coat is hardly ever thorough enough!

Has the stone been left with the correct finish?

A stone seal can leave two possible finishes, enhanced or clear. An enhancing sealer will intensify the colors in the stone and increase their vibrancy. There are variations of these such as ‘antique finish’ or ‘wet look’ however they are all essentially different brand descriptions of the same type of product. We always seal a sample prior to full application of these sealers as the finish can vary with different types and colors of stone. This ensures that our clients are always happy with the end result. A clear sealer on the other hand is one that leaves an invisible finish. These sealers should not visibly alter the appearance of the stone if applied properly. A good example of sealers which need a lot of skill and patience to apply with a perfect finish are specialist urethane based sealers . These are in our opinion the best performing sealants in the world. They are extremely difficult to apply without leaving visible ‘applicator marks’

Talk to the Stone Sealing Experts in Southern California.

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We have all the necessary tools and experienced staff to restore your stone floor and make it look as if it was just taken out of the factory. It doesn’t matter how damaged or dirty your natural stone is, BNA Stone Care will not leave until you are fully satisfied with our work.

BNA Stone uses industry standard equipment and techniques to deliver beautiful results in your Stone, giving it a shiny and attractive appearance.

To learn more about how BNA Stone can help you, Call for a Free Onsite/Online Quote: (714) 622-9947

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