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Marble Restoration, Repair, & Maintenance

Marble Restoration

At some point in time the marble will require complete restoration. This happens because of the lack of regular maintenance that Marble requires and is not done on a regular basis. The lack of preventative measures also accelerates the need of restoration.

Due to the lack of regular maintenance the following may occur: large amounts of cracking, deep scratching, and unsightly lippage, moving tiles, grout damage, irremovable traffic patterns, problem staining or any other defect which can’t be remedied by polishing alone can happen.

Resurfacing of the marble will require a diamond abrasive procedure referred to in the industry as diamond grinding. This is carried out after epoxy repair work(if it is needed). The marble is then polished or left honed and then re-sealed.

Our extensive experience in marble restoration in Los Angeles and surrounding areas will give you peace of mind when choosing a stone care professional. We offer free consultancy service to architects, interior designers, general contractors and the general public. Our reputation in the industry is unrivaled.

Marble Regular Maintenance

Any stone needs a good planned maintenance schedule in place to preserve it and to delay restoration procedures for as long as possible.

Daily maintenance will consist of dry dust mopping using a clean rayon mop. Regular damp mopping is recommended for basic everyday spills. Deeper cleaning should be carried out using good quality stone soap with just fresh water. It is important that soap residue doesn’t build up on the surface of the stone.

Spills should be wiped promptly to prevent staining or etching. Acid based chemicals used for household cleaning can damage the surface of marble and other calcite stones on contact. Similar acid based foods (wine, orange juice, tomato…)  may damage but can be prevented if not left to sit to long.

Professional regular maintenance will be required to maintain a good shine on the stone in your home or office. This will involve the use of specialized polishing techniques. Any staining which has occurred can also be removed using poultice stain removal and other specialized methods prior to polishing.

Marble Floor Repair in Orange County & Los Angeles 

Marble floors are the epitome of high-class and luxury. However, years of walking on it, dragging furniture across it, accidentally dropping something heavy on it, and cleaning it with abrasive chemicals leaves it looking less-than-stellar. You certainly didn’t chose marble floors to look anything besides perfect! Instead of walking over drab and cracked marble floors another day, call in the best- BNA Stone Care.

We use a “two component” epoxy for the best results. This epoxy is tough and durable for fixing cracks and filling holes in your marble floors. Before repairing all cracks, holes and joints must be cleaned from dust, soil, soap, grease and other dirt, then completely dried. In some cases, cracks or holes should be enlarged prior filling up for proper adhesion. Before filling up cracks or joints, we mix the epoxy with stone pigments for best color matching.

Contact Before & After Stone Restoration Today

At BNA Stone Care, we have all the necessary tools and experienced staff to repair your marble floors and make it look as if it was just installed from the manufacturer today. It doesn’t matter how damaged or dirty your floor is, BNA Stone Care will not leave until you are fully satisfied with our work. If your home or businesses with marble floors is in Orange County  or surrounding areas, give us a call at 1-714-622-9947 and we’ll give you a free quote. For even more convenience, you can also fill out our simple online form and we’ll contact you back shortly. By Choosing BNA Stone Care you will experience the highest level of customer service.

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