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Concrete Cleaning, Polishing, & Repair



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Most people describe concrete as durable, practical, utilitarian, cost-effective… but we know your concrete is just dying to show you its beautiful side as well!

Tired of the uneven, dirty, and worn looking floor in your spare basement room? Is your garage floor oil-stained, gray, and boring? Does the concrete floor in your commercial, retail, or industrial facility look gloomy, unprofessional, and unwelcoming?

We’ve got the solution! Decorative concrete makes for stunning floors that are also low maintenance. We offer concrete polishing, staining (the good kind), stamping, and more. Our master artisans can transform your dull and dirty concrete into an easy-to-maintain, honed or polished masterpiece.


concrete polishing

Is your concrete walkway or entrance chipped, stained, or cracked? If your concrete needs restoration, we are skilled in dealing with stains, pitting, discoloration and more, whether from exposure to the elements, improper cleaning products or methods, or other mishap. We are also adept at concrete damage repair. Worried about damage to a decorative concrete surface? Don’t be. We work with all forms of decorative concrete including stamped concrete, acid stained, decorative overlays, and polished concrete to name a few.

concrete cleaning

BNA Stone uses industry standard equipment and techniques to deliver beautiful results in your Concrete, giving it a shiny and attractive appearance.

To learn more about how BNA Stone can help you, Call for a  Free Onsite/Online Quote: (714) 622-9947

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